Water Solutions: Why Opt for Cleaner Water and How to Achieve It

Water Solutions: Why Opt for Cleaner Water and How to Achieve It

Water is considered the source of life. That is why having clean water to use and drink is a vital part of surviving as humans. This, however, is not always the case. As much as humans need water, other organisms need it too, and this can be shown as we see unwanted growth of microorganisms on our water supplies making the water unfit for consumption or use. That is why potable water solutions are sought out for.

Why Opt for a Cleaner Water?

Water is Life

Water is considered to be an essential nutrient for our bodies. About 50-80% of our body weight can be attributed to water, filling up every nook and cranny of our body, even the area in-between cells. Aside from this, water serves as the fuel for our metabolic processes, it is necessary for the digestion of food, absorption, and transport of nutrients, elimination of waste, as well as, regulation of our body temperature. That is why humans need to be constantly hydrated.

Disease Prevention

There are a lot of waterborne diseases with some of it proving fatal. There are a lot of causes for waterborne diseases, one reason could be due to pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, virus, protozoans, helminths, or fungi where they cause diseases like cholera, hepatitis, amebiasis, ascariasis, and aspergillosis, or can be due to biotoxins released by algae and are harmful to humans in high concentrations. That is why drinking water is not just enough, we should drink clean water.

Sanitary Purposes

We don’t only need water for drinking, we use water for everything. From taking a bath to washing our clothes and dishes, water has been an essential part of our sanitation. Imagine using dirty water for a bath, this does not only sound disgusting but can also give rise to diseases. The same case goes when using water for cooking and other household tasks.

Agricultural Water

You might think that water used for agriculture might not be your problem but actually, it is. Agricultural water quality can be polluted due to industrial sites, farms, and feedlots that dump their waste into a river and irrigations that can harm the crops. Poor water quality may mean poor crop quality which will then lead to illnesses when consumed.

How Can I Make Sure that my Water is Clean?

Contact Your Water Provider

If you are living in a city, you are luckier than a million people to have access to clean water. Most water providers conduct a monthly cleaning or monitoring of the water to ensure the quality of water going to your tap is safe.

Filtration Systems

Filtration systems could help filter out particles on your water, depending on the filter, it could decrease the concentrations of parasites, viruses, fungi, algae, bacteria, and other chemicals that could contaminate the water.

Water Treatment

There are a lot of water treatment products in the market.
EPI Philippines offers two water treatments depending on the purpose of usage. One is for potable water (Polydex) and the other is for wastewater treatment (Biodex).

Polydex is a bacteriostatic algaecide. Bacteriostatic means inhibiting the production of bacteria meanwhile algaecide helps in killing and preventing the growth of algae. It can be used for:

  • Cleaning water to ensure that it is safe for drinking
  • For swimming pools, spas, ponds, and lakes
  • Ensure that the water for fish farms are uncontaminated
  • For food processing
  • Waterscapes, and
  • For Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Biodex on the other hand is a bacteria regulator meaning that it controls bacteria in sewage and wastewater. It targets pathogenic bacteria including coliforms (Escherichia coli) and enterobacteria (Shigella and Salmonella). It also quickly lessens the odor through the regulation of anaerobic bacteria. All in all, Biodex:

  • Regulates the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Lowers Biochemical Oxygen Demand / Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • Inhibit solidification
  • Odor reduction
  • Free from snails, bugs, and worms
  • Saves energy through lower aeration
  • Improve effluent’s clarity

We all need clean water to survive in this world. That is why EPI Phil brought you Polydex for potable water and Biodex for eco-friendly wastewater treatment. If you want to know more about the water treatment products, contact Epi Phil today!

Why PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46 is a Great Hydraulic Fluid

Why PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46 is a Great Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic systems are constantly placed under immense pressures that require speed, efficiency, and endurance. For this reason, hydraulic fluids must be compatible with the system to match its performance. For this reason, choosing the right lubricant is vital in ensuring that the system operates smoothly.

Petro-Canada Lubricant Inc. (PCLI) is a manufacturer of oil based lubricants. Among its wide array of lubricant products, PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46, a food grade lubricant, stands out with its many impressive hydraulic fluid qualifications.

Husky OEM Approval

In 2018, PCLI announced its product, PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46, getting an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) approval from Husky Injection Molding Systems. This approval is proof of the lubricant’s quality for meeting specific standards after being tested.

Approved H1 Food Grade

The general lubricant’s function is to prevent oxidation, corrosion, and wear, dispel heat, remove friction, and many more in systems. Food grade lubricants are especially a crucial use for conditions where food is processed. PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46 has an approved H1 food grade by the National Sanitation Foundation, meaning it is safe for use in environments with food contact incidents. Aside from the NSF approval, the product has a list of other significant food grade approvals.

Temperature Resilient

Mechanical systems have different temperature requirements, and the variation in temperature dramatically affects most oils’ efficacy. PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46 is advertised as a tough oil that can withstand hot and cold temperatures without losing effectiveness.

Wide Range of Application

PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46 is a multifunctional lubricant build to be applied to a range of machines, which includes pneumatic and hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps, and rotary screw compressors.

EPI Phil. is a hydraulic fluid distributor that supplies PCLI’s PURITY FG Synthetic Fluid 46. Contact EPI Phil. now for more information about lubricants.

How to Handle Water-Based Contamination in your Household

How to Handle Water-Based Contamination in your Household

While the rainy season may be drawing to a close, the effects of constant downpour (in between bouts of hot weather) can still be felt in this time of quarantine. In a time like this, eco-friendly wastewater treatment is a crucial necessity for many barangays and individual cities.

However, even on a household scale, care must be taken to keep one’s home clean, especially when it comes to water-based contamination. The rains can cause water to leak into the house and cause various water-based contaminations. Also, issues with your plumbing can cause different water issues.

What are the effects of unchecked water in your household?

Mold: mold (and to a lesser extent, moss) are the byproducts of letting water drip into your house and pool in various hard to reach places. Mold releases spores that could trigger allergies and infect food and surfaces, while moss is, well, moss.

Rust and wood rot: Water dripping onto metal or wood doesn’t have much short term effects; wood and especially metal are quite durable, after all. However, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause metal and wood to degrade over time.

Places for mosquitos to fester: Damp, warm places attract mosquitos and might cause them to start infesting your house.

How can you handle these issues?

Plug in household holes: There might be a broken part of your roof, a slip between your wallpapers, or a hole in your screen windows that lets in the rain. Make sure that your house doesn’t have any ways for water to leak into.

Check your water filters and pipes often: Time can cause even the hardiest water filters and pipes to degrade. Make sure that your water filters and pipes are in tip-top shape, and that they don’t leak.

If you’re looking for water purification materials, then Envireau Pacific Inc. products might help you out. In a time when cleanliness indoors is as important outside, clean water and non-humid interiors are important to maintain.