Who We Are

EPI Phil. is a corporation that distributes innovative technological breakthrough products in the market today. We take pride in being the only distributor of our line of products in the whole Philippines.

After over a decade, we remain strong in our field of experise because we are guided by our mission to develop and offer options that are of excellent quality, effective and eco-friendly.

We provide a more effective, safer and best solution to various issues faced by several industries today, especially in agriculture, water treatment, road stabilization and industrial sectors.

Core Values

EXCELLENCE. WE deliver what we promise and add value that is beyond what is expected.
HONESTY. WE are truthful with our decisions we make and actions we take every day.
HARDWORKING. WE are diligent and committed in work completion. Dedicated with initiative in every task that we are assigned.
CREATIVITY. We think “outside of the box” and we innovate.
TEAMWORK. WE encourage strong work relationship, mutual respect and idea-sharing with fellow Epians and clients.
GOD-FEARING. WE take up the commandments and puts faith in God.
“MALASAKIT” (Genuine Concern). WE show concern not only to our fellow EPIans, EPIans clients and stakeholder’s needs, but also to our environment without being asked.
CUSTOMER SERVICE. WE want our customers not only to be pleased with the quality products and professional services of EPI: we want them to be delighted.

What Makes Us Different

We genuinely care for the future of the environment and the health of our end users so we provide them with organic and eco-friendly alternatives of their usual synthetic and toxic chemicals.

Each product that is included in our line is carefully picked because we want to make sure that we only offer our customers products that are advanced and has value added proposition – something that we are proud of. Our products are from different parts of the globe, because we are continually in search for the best products to offer. We are committed to provide only the best.

On the Map

The company started in 2007 penetrating most regions of Mindanao. Our products in agriculture have gained high acceptance in the market serving major clients in the Plantation industry. From our humble beginning 13 years ago, EPI Phil. have expanded its distribution not only in Mindanao but all the way to Luzon starting with specific regions.

Because of hard work, determination and exceptional line of products, we started to establish our brand in multiple companies, in various industries from multiple cities all over the Philippines.

The company envisions to serve the entire Philippines and eventually become the sole distributor of our line of products in Southeast Asia.

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