Agriculture Division


Crop Protection: ICC, PSG, Xtend, Zivion
Crop Nutrition: Foliflo BCa, Foliflo Ca, Folistim Humi Zn, Folistim Humi N, 14-14-14 NPK Fertilizer

Agriculture has been the pioneering division of EPI Phil. with ICC (fungicide and bactericide) as its main product, serving the plantation industry when it started in 2007. From then on, agriculture has been the bread and butter of the company.

In 2015, EPI saw big potential on rice crops making big way to individual growers. Since then, the agriculture market has expanded on other high value crops such as corn, citrus, vegetables etc. and continue testing on other crops. EPI Phil. have also entered general trading expanding our channels to distributors in different areas in Mindanao. We maintain good relationships with our dealer stores and provide them support that they need. Our Agriculture Division not only distributes crop protection but also crop nutrition products and keep researching innovative solutions that we can offer to our clients. We constantly invent to enhance value and stay ahead, upholding our value of excellence and creativity.



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