One of the most valuable elements in the periodic table of elements is calcium, especially for plants. This is why agricultural manufacturers developed reliable fertilizers to help farmers supply enough calcium to their crops.

Just like human beings, plants need nutrition. Once a plant experiences nutritional deficiency, there are lots of bad and unwanted things that will happen. Now, since we are talking about calcium, let us learn about calcium deficiency in plants.

What makes plants calcium deficient?

  1. Insufficient fertilization (especially in the use of calcium fertilizers).
  2. Culture on calcium fixation.
  3. The root environment has an excessive amount of potassium, ammonium, magnesium, and/or sodium.
  4. Evaporation problems due to a very high amount of electric conductivity value or overly high or low relative relativity.
  5. There’s a problem with water transport and irrigation in the plant.

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency in plants?

The most common symptoms of plant calcium deficiency shows as a localized tissue necrosis. You will notice a stunted growth on your crop, necrotic leaf margins on young leaves (curling of leaves), and death of root tips and terminal buds.

For crop-specific symptoms,

Bananas – Chloritic banana leaves and light brown necrosis can be seen in the top of the leaves of calcium-deficient bananas.
Cabbage, lettuce and brussels sprouts – according to research findings, these salad greens show tip burns whenever they are deficient in calcium.
Carrots – Oval-shaped craters are developed.
Tomatoes and peppers – Sunken, dry, and decaying areas are found at the blossom end up to the stem of the crops.

How to prevent calcium deficiency in plants?

Calcium fertilizers are the most viable partners for calcium deficiency on crops. For bananas, calcium helps prevent maturity bronzing/stains due to low calcium uptake during the dry season. On pineapples and citruses, calcium reduces the sun stress experienced by the crops and protects them from ultraviolet and infrared radiation that causes sunburn.

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