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FOLIFLO® Technology promotes efficient nutrient absorption through the optimal particle size of the right balanced product analysis. Through this technology, particle sizes are less than 20 µm, optimal for uptake by plant tissues. And more than 60% is even less than 10 µm. It provides cost efficient solutions through fast and lasting nutrient supply.

FOLIFLO® Technology provides the plants with:

  • The right amount of nutrients with no losses for a perfect action
  • Very low phytotoxicity risk
  • No stress for the low salinity index

FOLIFLO® Technology for the protective efficiency in foliar nutrition. 

Foliflo® BCa (Boron & Calcium)

Foliar Fertilizer Suspension 

FOLIFLO® BCa is a highly concentrated fluid mixture of 7% Boron and 12% (CaO), specifically designed for foliar application. Boron helps plants cope with low temperatures while stimulating sugar and oil increases shelf life of the fruit by reducing bruising. This foliar fertilizer can be applied to variety of crops such as rice, fruit crops and fruiting vegetables.

Product Benefits:

  • Improve root formation
  • Better plant growth and vitality
  • Promotes flower fruit formation quality
  • Improve fruit sugar content

Foliflo® Ca (Calcium)

Foliar Fertilizer Suspension

FOLIFLO Ca (CaO 35%) is a highly concentrated calcium fertilizer in suspension form. This product will help mitigate many psychological disorders associated with impaired calcium availability on the cell wall level. Calcium deficiency may also affect membrane permeability and salt stress potential. Thanks to its formulation, FOLIFLO Ca mixes well with most pesticides. This foliar fertilizer can be applied to variety of crops such as rice, fruit crops, citrus fruits and fruiting vegetables.

Product Benefits:

  • Improve soil characteristic
  • Protection from abiotic stresses
  • Increased plant assimilate uptake in the cell
  • Stronger plants
  • Improve fruit post-harvest qualities



FOLISTIM® Technology biostimulates natural active ingredients for optimal efficacy in application of nutritional elements. The complexed nutrients using FOLISTIM Technology promote the vegetative restart or plant stress. It prevents deficiency symptoms and improves resistance to abiotic stress, enhancing fruit quality and conservation.

FOLISTIM® Technology based products ensure:

  • High affinity with plant tissue
  • Rapid absorption
  • Enhanced nutrient mobility
  • Lasting supply
  • Strong biostimulant effects
  • Better tolerance against salt stress 

FOLISTIM® Technology for the ideal natural plant protection in every growth stage.

Folistim® Humi Zn (Zinc, Sulfur & Humic Acid)

Foliar Fertilizer Concentrate

FOLISTIM® HUMI Zn is a liquid fertilizer containing 10.7% Zinc, 5% Sulfur and 3% Humic Acids to prevent and cure Zinc deficiencies with foliar application. Folistim Humi Zn stimulates rooting, new shoots, stem elongation, fruit set and growth and has hormone-like effect. It also accelerates cell division and cell development and promote chlorophyll, sugars and amino acid synthesis. Folistim ® Humi Zn can be applied at vegetative stage and during flowering of fruiting vegetables and cereal crops.

Product Benefits:

  • Humic Acid helps enhance nutrient absorption
  • Production of chlorophyll
  • Essential in fixing nitrogen

Folistim® Humi N (Nitrogen)


FOLISTIM® HUMI N contains 25% Nitrogen and 3% Humic Acid, is a product with both fast (10.3% readily available) and 14.7% slow release Nitrogen. Applications with this product allow a crop to quickly overcome nitrogen deficiencies independent of environmental stresses, stimulates rooting, new shoots, stem elongation, fruit set and growth. Application of Humi N thru foliar at the start of the season will result to fast and lasting greening (up to 6 weeks). It also has a sticker, spreader and wetter effect on your cereal and leafy vegetable crops.

Product Benefits:

  • Humic Acid helps enhance nutrient absorption
  • Essential in Photosynthesis process
  • Major component in protein production in plants

Folimac 14-14-14

NPK Fertilizer

The three most important nutrients for plants, considered as primary macronutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. With Folimac 14-14-14 NMK Fertilizer, it contains 14% Nitrogen, 14% Phosphorous, 14% Potassium and 1-3% Zinc which are essential component of chlorophyll. Start applying Folimac 14-14-14 on your vegetables and cereal at the start of the season for annual/perennial crops and around 5 leaves for short term crops.

Product Benefits:

  • Plant growth and development
  • Helps withstand stress Photosynthesis

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