Crop Protection


Ionic Copper Concentrate (ICC)

Fungicide / Bactericide

ICC is a unique mineral based which offers superior performance at low doses to control and prevent fungal and bacterial plant diseases affecting crops. Its unique formulation is based on the natural anti-microbial properties of mineral ions which are essential for plant. It is specifically formulated for use to control the diseases affecting plantation crops. ICC has been proven to successfully combat Black Sigatoka, Finger Rot, Corm Rot and Moko diseases on bananas and pineapple plantations in the Philippines.

Product Benefits:

  • Utilizes the natural antimicrobial properties of mineral ions
  • Presents minerals in their most biologically active form
  • Liquid concentrate provides dust-free mixing and application
  • Superior biological efficacy on pathogen control with low application rate
  • Effective against a wide range of bacterial and fungal plant diseases
  • Environmentally responsible, safe and cost effective



PURESPRAY™ GREEN is 99.9% pure base mineral oil. A broad-spectrum horticultural spray oil that delivers year-round protection for scale insects, mealy bugs, thrips, aphids and other insects. It is proven to equal synthetic chemical pesticides. It gives you the ultimate in purity with build-in food grade emulsifier. Purity you can count on throughout the growing season to protect plants from phytotoxicity (leaf burn) while safeguarding the food chain, valuable water resources and human health and safety. Purespray Green is a relentless killer, might just be perfect pesticides. PSG biodegrades in the natural environment, leaving no harmful residues on food crops.
Product Benefits:

  • Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)
  • Biodegrades in the natural environment, leaving no harmful chemical residues
  • Leaves no chemical residues to contaminate food crops
  • When it comes to insects, it is scientifically proven to work as well as synthetic chemical pesticides.
  • With build-in Food Grade emulsifier


The Natural Mold Inhibitor


 Natural Additive: 

  • Produced by fermentation
  • Source is soil bacterium Streptomyces natalensis
  • Found in 1954
  • Unique working mechanism, prophylactic 


Safe for Consumption: 

  • FDA approved for several food application
  • Track record of safe commercial use in food for more than 45 years

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