Now that you have achieved the basic conditions for your plant to grow, it is time to explore more ways to increase potential yield. Aside from the abundant nutrients from the soil, there is another way to boost propagation: by ‘feeding’ nutrients directly on leaves. This method is commonly known as foliar feeding or foliar spraying.

What Is Foliar Feeding?

Foliar feeding is a fertilizing technique where plants directly absorb essential elements through their leaves. Through this method, the fertilizer is either sprayed or applied directly to the leaves of plants instead of the soil. Foliar feeding is a good way to supplement nutrients to your plant needs, similar to how some medicines are absorbed through different parts of the human body.

These products are less concentrated than soil fertilizers and made of organic matter that can be made in your own backyard. Foliar fertilizer products are also available commercially and there is a range of products depending on your plants’ needs.

Advantages of Foliar Feeding

Foliar sprays are perfect short-term solutions for plants that look nutrient-deficient, or if you want to speed up root growth of plants. Foliar feeding makes plants take up more water far more efficiently, as most of the fertilizer goes into the plant instead of the soil. It will only take a few days to notice the difference, assuming that the foliar spray was applied in the right conditions.

Precautions Before Applying Foliar Fertilizer

The best time to apply foliar fertilizers is when climate temperatures are cool, such as in the evening or early morning. The dews on leaves indicate that the stoma of the leaves is open and can absorb nutrients. Doing this in the middle of a hot day can do more damage than benefit for your plant. You may also add crop protection products as you go on your fertilizing routine.

Lastly, know the different nutrient requirements of your plants as not one fertilizer may fit all nutrient needs. Some crops may require more or less doses than others.


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