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Polydex – Bacteriostatic Algaecide


Bacteriostatic Algaecide

POLYDEX™ is a water-miscible liquid concentrate which used long-life ionic copper and other natural elements as active ingredients. The product has been proven and tested as a bacteriostatic algaecide to eliminate presence of waterborne pathogens by adding minute quantities of the mineral copper. It contains a propriety carrier to maintain 100% of the copper in a biologically active ionic form making it very potent in killing waterborne pathogens.

Key Applications:


  • Drinking Water (bacteria, biofilms and algae) including reservoir, water supply pipelines and storage tank treatment
  • Swimming pools, Spas, Ponds and Lakes (bacteria and algae)


  • Cooling Towers and HVAC systems (algae and bacteria)
  • Waterscapes (algae and bacteria)
  • Fish farms (algae, bacteria and fungi)
  • Food processing (bacteria and fungi)

How it works

As POLYDEX is assimilated by algae or bacteria, the copper ions interfere with metabolic process. As a result, organisms die due to their inability to perform vital functions.

Once POLYDEX has cleared a water body of algae, the unused copper ions remain perfectly dispersed in the water, available to prevent algae from returning as long as there is minimum residual of POLYDEX ionic copper.

Key Applications:

    Product Benefits:

    • Results to clean water
    • Reduces odor
    • Non-irritating to skin and eyes
    • Eco-friendly
    • Tough on algae and bacteria, safe on humans


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