Crop production is one of the most important industries in the world. As a contributor to about 25% of the GDP of some countries, agriculture has a large effect on the economy and general well-being of various nations around the world. Even if the country producing the crops isn’t directly consuming the products that the farmers produce, the nation’s economy still benefits by a certain amount due to its export.

Envireau Pacific Inc. is a company that provides products that enhance and protect the agricultural produce of Filipino farmers, especially when there are many detrimental effects that can ruin a harvest. Here’s a few of them.

Crop-Eating Pests

There are varieties of potentially destructive organisms that can wreak havoc on your crops. Insects are one of the more common problems that a farmer might face. Grasshoppers, beetles, snails, aphids and scale insects are just a few of the possible pests that might plague your crops. Rats are also a common form of pest that can gnaw through your harvest.

Crop Diseases

Crop diseases are also a regular problem that farmers face when trying to maintain the health and sustainability of their harvest. Aside from fungi, nematodes and other general plant-based diseases, crops in the Philippines for example, bananas, can fall prey to Black Sigatoka and Moko diseases, among other more specific forms of plant-destabilizing issues.

What can you do to combat such issues?

Because of the various pests and diseases that the agricultural industry has to face, good crop protection products are always in demand. EPI’s agricultural sector provides a variety of such products, such as Ionic Copper Concentrate (ICC), an environmentally-friendly antimicrobial liquid concentrate with excellent pathogen control, PURESPRAY™ GREEN (PSG), a biodegradable spray oil for various pests without the chemical residue of typical sprays, and other such eco-sensitive products. If you’re looking for a way to protect your crops without harming the environment, check out Envireau Pacific Incorporated’s selection of crop protection products.


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