The main reason why we’re using lubricants for either our gas plants, pipelines, and for our power generators is to increase the efficacy and efficiency of our machines.

That is why, choosing the right oil-based lubricants will not only boost the production and profitability of the plant, it also decreases the risk of workers safety through the reduction of unscheduled downtime.

If you’re planning to upgrade your lubricants, Petro-Canada lubricants may be just what you need. And here are some reasons why:

We Have Everything For You

Getting supplies for your company could prove quite hard especially when you have different machineries with different specific lubricating needs. Petro-Canada covers all of these because we have many specialty products and grade options made specifically for your needs!

We have everything for you! For Heavy duty engines (DURON™), Hydraulics (HYDREX™), Compressors (COMPRO™), Gear drives and bearing systems (ENDURATEX™), liquid phase heat transfer applications (CALFLO™) and transformers (LUMINOL™)

Another Petro-Canada product would be SENTRONTM LD 8000, which is a stationary gas engine oil that provides premium performance and long-lasting effects, surviving up to 8000 hours between drains.

Available Whenever You Need It

One of the worst things that could happen during operation is to run out of lubricants, even worse, when your supplier gets out of stock. It is essential that your provider has abundant production capacity, a global distribution network, and operates one of the biggest oil refineries in the world, such as Petro-Canada.

We Always Provide Support

Switching from your usual lubricants may be hard and challenging at the same time, however, during this time of transition or whenever you need help, Petro-Canada’s Sales and Technical Services team will help you address every question you have.

EPI Phil Inc. is the number one distributor for all types of Petro-Canada Lubricants, not only in Mindanao, but in the whole Philippines. Contact us and let’s upgrade your lubricant plans for a more productive and profitable future.

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